Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the King hearing and a love for America and a love of Islam

While I have been a critic of those who would deny first amendment rights to followers of the Muslim faith and while I think that some of the “creeping Sharia” alarmist are paranoid nuts when they warn us about the danger of Sharia complaint credit cards and Muslim-only cemeteries and gender segregated swimming pools, I nevertheless do think that radicalization of American Muslims is a serious concern worthy of Congressional hearings.

There have been 161 terrorist acts or attempted terrorist acts by American Muslims since 9-11 in this country. In Europe the failure of Muslim minorities to assimilate and the degree of Muslim radicalization is worse than in America.The threat of radical Islam may be the biggest threat to America and the world in the 21st century.   To ignore this problem is just foolish. To pretend that radicalism of all types should be lumped together and it is somehow un-American to explore the problem of Muslim radicalization is just stupid as far as I am concerned. That attitude is political correctness that can put us in danger. It is fitting that Muslim radicalization be investigated to understand why it is occurring and what can be done about it.

Nevertheless, I was somewhat fearful that Representative King's hearing would turn into a witch hunt and a platform for bigotry. Seeing some of our own local anti-Muslim activist make unfounded allegation about Muslims and seeing pandering politicians wonder aloud if the First Amendment really applies to Muslim, I was fearful these same type people would be giving a platform to spread the same message of hate and fear.

This past weekend I watched hours of the King hearings on C-Span. I was pleased. I was pleased to see other Muslims express concern about radicalization in their community and see the family of a youth who had committed a terrorist act testify about the danger of radicalization. Instead of these hearings spreading bigotry, I think they may provide insight and understanding.

I was especially pleased to see patriotic Muslim Americans advocate separation of Mosque and State and proclaim a love for America and a love of Islam. I was most impressed by the testimony of Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Above is a portion of his testimony.

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