Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jihadist fellow traveler watch: Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest victim of the Muslim Jihadist witch hunt. The anti-Muslim bigots looking for Jihadist under every bed are not going to be happy until they have tarnished the reputation of every Republican who does not share their bigotry.

Chris Christie is a solid conservative and a rising star in the Republican Party. Chris Christie's crime, however, is that he appointed a prominent Muslim immigration attorney to a judgeship. As an attorney, this appointee had defended several Muslim-Americans who were picked up for “suspicious” activity following the September 11th attacks. All of the men were subsequently cleared of any kind of connection to the attacks of 9-11.

Pamela Gellar has said Christie is "in bed with the enemy." Others have said he has taken the first step to turning New Jersey into a Sharia state.

To the anti-Muslim bigots, guilt or innocents doesn't matter; all Muslims are the enemy and the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. The anti-Muslim paranoids do not only not believe in freedom of religion, neither do they believe in the presumption of innocents and the right to the accused of due process. They do believe in guilt by association. (link)

For more read; Jersey: Governor Christie’s Dirty Islamist Ties

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