Sunday, December 05, 2010

Quanititative easing explained

I am posting this for it's entertainment value. I don't know how accurate it is but it is entertaining. I know a lot of stuff but I admit I am not an expert on monetary policy or the Federal Reserve. (Hey, I try, but I can't be an expert on everything.) When I heard about the Feds' inflating of the money supply, called "quantitative easing," I did not find it reassuring. Creating a lot of money out of thin air does not sound too smart to me, but what do I know. This video explains it. Now, I understand it. Enjoy.

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  1. Make sure you check out part 2, the QE 2 video, it has a little more info.
    It is almost textbook, if they are even using one anymore.

  2. Great video, it does explain exactly how we are getting ripped off! More people need to see this, thanks for posting!