Thursday, December 30, 2010

Names to call Republicans

A Republican with whom you disagree is a "Rino.”  A Republican with whom you really disagree is a "Rino Neo-con Republican." Some Republicans are " dyed-in-the-wool Rino, neo-con Republican." If you want to play the class envy card you can call a Republican a "Country Club Republican."  Thus we have the "neo-con, Country Club, dyed-in-the wool Rino." If a Republican ever changes his mind or reverses his position when circumstances change he may be a  "flip-flopping, Rino, Country club, neo-con Republicans."  We also have "traitor republican Rinos." And then we have the "establishment insider-old boy network Republicans."  We also have "Rockefeller Republicans" and "Blue Blood Republicans."

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  1. You can also call any Republican who disagrees with you a "liberal", no matter what they just said, and instantly shatter their street cred.

  2. Since the murder of J.F. Kennedy, neither party has solved, or even improved upon any problem that our country faces. On the contrary, the people that we elected to protect us have caused ALL of them.

    Apparently, there is a lot more money in creating problems than there is by solving them.