Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spare me the Phony Shock and Outrage

I share the outrage being expressed by members of the Congress, the press and the public over the $165 million AIG paid in retention bonuses to employees with our tax money. However, I am more outraged that Congress passed a stimulus bill that permitted these bonuses. This did not just happen by accident. Language in the stimulus bill originally prohibited paying of bonuses to recipients of bailout money. That language was changed in the Conference Committee to allow this to occur.

According to the Huffington Post, it was at the urging of the Treasury Department that Senator Chis Dodd changed the language of the stimulus bill to allow recipients of bailouts to receive bonuses. Then, the Democrats in Congress passed the 1100 page, trillion-dollar bill without ever reading it.

This really stinks! Chris Dodd, the number two recipient of AIG campaign contributions, should be indicted or resign. We should know what the President, who as Senator was the number one recipient of AIG campaign contributions, knew and when he knew it. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner should resign in disgrace. Everyone who received campaign contributions from AIG should return them. Legislators should pledge to know what they are voting on before they vote in the future.

Please spare me the phony shock and outrage from Obama and the Democrats who engineered and allowed this to occur. Obama and Chris Dodd are deep in AIG's pocket. This is old-fashioned corruption on an unprecedented and grand scale. How the public can still believe Obama represents transparency and change is beyond me. If these first few weeks are any indication, this may be shaping up to be one of the most corrupt administrations in history. When will some of the dirt start sticking to Obama? The foxes really are guarding the chicken house, the lunatics are running the asylum, and most Americans still think Obama is the messiah.

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  1. Actually, according to the chart that I found and posted up - Dodd is the #1 recipient of AIG contributions. Obama is #2.

    You're right though - it is all phony rage just to deflect the blame. The dems don't want the fingers pointing at them. They own this one.

  2. It’s funny how Rep. Bart Gordon calls himself a “blue dog” but is basically walking in lock-step with the expansion of government while also wasting taxpayer money on trips to Europe for him and his wife.


  3. I don't think AIG members that received proper compensation for work they performed according to their contract should return any money. How would you like to work for a year expecting to receive a bonus for doing a certain task and then at the end of the year NOT be compensated according to your contract?

    This is a crock. How can you simply ignore contracts with employees? Sure the government will get the money back. And then they will waste it giving it to somebody else that doesn't deserve it. America, welcome to Illinois politics, where the corruption gets worse every year and is just beginning in DC.