Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Tobacco Prohibition???

by Adam R. Bitely, Director of New Media, Americans for Limited Government

In the near future, a dangerous piece of legislation is coming to the floor of the House of Representatives. This bill would restrict your rights as never before. Simply put, this would legislate that the Government could take an industry and slaughter it! And that is the least of the powers that they will gain if this is allowed to pass. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce is set to vote tomorrow on legislation that would place tobacco products under the authority of the FDA. The bill could be on the President’s desk as soon as this Summer.

You do not have to agree with smoking to see that this bill only serves to further centralize government authority over our daily lives. Through classifying tobacco as a drug under the authority of the FDA, the Government then can force people to do as they say, and as a result, put thousands of people out of work and block new proven smokeless products from entering the market. Instead of helping to fix the problem, the government will use force and coercion to influence the change that they want. They are gaining power to influence your daily life, and do not think for one second that they will not exploit this for their own benefit.

Congressman Gordon, please do not support legislation that would restrict liberty and freedom. As long as people are not restricting the liberties of their neighbor, there exists no need to punish them. It is not the job of the Government to tell people how to live their lives, rather, it is the job of the government to defend us from those who would restrict liberty.

You must do your job Congressman Gordon in protecting these liberties. We are watching!

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  1. How do you feel about other drugs? Would you argue for legalizing all drugs since making them illegal also takes away our freedom?

  2. Justin, I would not favor immediate legalization of all drugs, however, as I have previously stated on this blog I favor decriminalization of marijuana.

  3. "...decriminalization of marijuana."

    Yes, please.