Friday, January 30, 2009

Where are Chris Dodd's Mortgage Papers?

Waiting for Dodd
Where are those Countrywide papers?
JANUARY 7, 2009, The Wall Street Journal

With the opening of the 111th Congress yesterday, all of Washington is tingling with the allure of a fresh start. Not so fast. We've got some leftover business from the 110th Congress -- namely, Chris Dodd's July 2008 promise to release the details of his sweetheart loans from Countrywide Financial. (Link)

I know where my mortgage papers are. Where are Chis Dodd's mortgage papers?

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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath. There isn't much for him to gain at this point. If there was nothing to it, he would have released the records long ago. The media is largely bored of the story, and it only gets a passing editorial. I think he is happy to live with that, rather than the alternative.

    Check out from time to time to keep up with Sen. Dodd and all of his issues!

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