Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

The Obama inauguration speech just concluded. It was inspirational and motivational. He set the perfect tone. I did not think the speech itself was a great speech, but a good speech. He did not sugar coat the problems we face but offered hope. He recalled our past challenges and our greatness and told us that we can overcome the current problems and that there are more great days ahead. He applauded the American sprit and our achievements. Any criticism of the Bush administration was very subtle. He appeared as a practical, reassuring, strong figure who loves this nation.

I was pleased that he extended a hand of peace to our enemies but vowed that we would defeat those who practice terrorism. His comment, “We will defeat you” was worthy of a cheer. His saying that we will not apologize for our way of life was another great line. I was pleased that he said we would defend our country without compromising our values.

One of the most poignant parts of his speech was when he said that in 60 years we went from a time when his father could not be seated in a restaurant to today when a person of color is being sworn in as President. That is a reason to take pride in our nation. We have changed for the better. His election is symbolic that we have lived up to the ideas our nation has long professsed.

I thought the whole events of the day and the ceremony and the music and the prayer and the speech were reassuring and up-lifting. To see the Bushs receive the Obamas for a short receptions somehow stuck me as an ordinary event yet an important symbol of the American civility of politics. We may disagree with our political advisories but we can interact and be polite and pleasant. To witness the amiable, peaceful transfer of power is something we take for granted, but we should realize that is not the way things are done in much of the world and for much of world history. We are truly blessed to live in America.

I will have differences with the party in power and hope the Obama administration fails to achieve some of their objectives. However, Obama is my President. Today, I feel nothing but goodwill toward the new administration and I have pride in my nation. God Bless Obama and the United States of America.

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  1. Obama is neither Messiah nor Anti-Christ, but the real threat is the leadership in Congress. The Party has absolute power, and we must hope the American People realize the error of their ways by 2010.

    It is interesting to see the commentary that the far left of NY and CA may be of greater consequence to Obama than the Blue Dog Democrats and the Republicans, but the Blue Dogs have fallen in line with the demands of Pelosi and Reid in the new Congress.

  2. You and I will both disagree with President Obama, and I suspect that we may disagree with each other even more.

    This emphasizes the importance of your comment about how blessed we are to live in a country where can disagree and still see a peaceful transfer of power.

    I pray that people of other nations have watched our peaceful transfer of power and become inspired to seek more peaceful transitions of power in their own countries.