Sunday, November 16, 2008

Republicans win in Tennessee

While Republicans took a beating all across the nation and we lost the Presidency and both houses of Congress, in Tennessee, Republicans won big taking control of both houses of the State Legislature. The Republican win was unexpected. It appears that McCain’s big win in Tennessee helped Republicans running for State House and Senate seats. Primarily in rural areas of the state, Republicans defeated Democrats and picked up seats.

I am delighted my party won. The Republican win probably weakens the Governor’s push to expand education down to the pre-pre-pre-Kindergarten level and means more emphasis on K-12 education. It probably means we are safe from a state income tax for a while. It may mean those Democrats who got jobs and contracts due to party affiliation may loose their jobs and contracts and they will be given to deserving Republicans. It means we will get more buildings, bridges, and roads named after Republicans rather than Democrats. This win will help Republican lawyers. Those who seek favor from the government will fire the lobbyist with Democratic connections and hire lobbyist with Republican connections. We will probably get some meaningless symbolic legislation passed that addresses abortion and gun ownership.

I am concerned, however about one issue that is important to me. With the election of these conservative, religious, rural legislators, does this mean I can forget about being able to buy wine in the grocery store?

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1 comment:

  1. Here's to hoping they don't make your county 'dry' Mr. Williams.