Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our Values Have Not Changed Based on this Election

by Robert Schwartz

Hello. I'm Bob Schwartz, founder and co-chair of Music Row 4 McCain. Talk about bad timing! I was asked to come up on stage moments after Pennsylvania and Ohio have been called for Obama. Even though I was born up north, I have to tell you that when I heard about Pennsylvania and Ohio, from deep inside I wanted to shout: "Yankees. Damn Yankees!"

Ahhh, well. First, I'd like to say that I have been honored to work as a volunteer for John McCain! You know John McCain and Sarah Palin have run an incredible campaign. They fought bravely against stunning obstacles: an unpopular war, an unpopular incumbent President, arguably the most troubled economy in fifty years and, oh did I mention?, a Democratic candidate who had nearly two thirds of a billion dollars --- and spent it.

Nonetheless, John McCain and Sarah Palin fought bravely and they fought for our core values. And, you know, despite the election results, our values and beliefs have not changed. We believe that the American people and the American experience are essentially something to be proud of. We believe that conservatism can be compassionate and creative and brave as witnessed by Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and, my hero, William F. Buckley, Jr. We believe that government should protect the weak and voiceless --- starting with the unborn. We believe that government should secure our borders. We believe that the public schools are too important to be turned over to those who would politicize students rather than teach them the fundamentals. We believe in a court system that interprets laws rather than makes them up. And we believe in a nation strong enough to be, as Joe Lieberman said, to be trusted by our friends and feared by our enemies.

No, these values have not changed based on this election. I encourage all of us to take those same values to our families and into our communities tomorrow --- as we did yesterday --- with courage, with respect and with love. Nothing should stop us from doing so! God bless America. May God bless us all.

The above remarks were delivered last night here in Nashville at the Limelight nightclub where Republicans gathered to watch the elections returns. It was nice to network and mingle with like-minded people and console each other. Despite the nights loss it was pleasant evening. Rod

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