Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great Movie: Mad City

I have become a real movie buff and watch a lot of movies. Most of them I think are “pretty good” but few would I go out of my way to recommend. Last night I watched a great flick. If you are looking for something to add to your Netflixs or Blockbuster queue, let me suggest Mad City.
Mad City is essentially a story of media manipulation. Here is the review as reported by Starplus.com.

Investigative TV journalist Max Brackett (Dustin Hoffman) suffers setbacks and winds up filing routine reports from Madeline, California. Max and his eager intern Laurie (Mia Kirshner) are doing a story at the local Museum of Natural History when a bigger story erupts. The Museum's director, Mrs. Banks (Blythe Danner), refuses to talk to former museum security guard Sam Baily (John Travolta) about his firing due to budget cuts. Angered, Sam shoots a shotgun, accidentally hitting another security guard. Realizing he's in the middle of breaking news, Max phones his supervisor (Robert Prosky) and goes to live coverage. A class of young children is visiting the Museum, and Sam holds them hostage. Sam's link to the outside world is the opportunistic Max, who manipulates the situation, telling Sam what to say on
camera. Within hours, as the event escalates to national interest, vendors
arrive to hawk products at the museum grounds, while the entire country tunes in
the ongoing coverage.
This film in some ways echoes some of the same themes of another great movie, Dog Day Afternoon. Both films deal with a tense situation, hostages, and the roll of public relations and the impact of a media circus.

When is reporting the news, making the news? This is an intense riveting story that explores important issues. Hoffman and Travolta are great! This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. See this movie.

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