Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cindy McCain for Miss Buffalo Chip!

Ain't politics fun? You got to seek votes wherever you can find 'em. Bikers vote too.

It seems John McCain went to a big biker event called "Sturgis" that features bikers, babes and beer and is billed as "the wildest party anywhere." He said maybe his wife Cindy ought to enter the Miss Buffalo Chip contest, basically a topless biker-babe beauty contest.

Cindy McCain is hot! McCain was obviously joking, but the Dems are trying to make hay out of this. They are feigning outrage. I don't know if it will work; Democrats just can't pull off being prudes. Well, feminist can but not most Democrats. But, who knows how it will affect the campaign. This may hurt McCain with that wing of the party known as "values voters", many of whom are not enthusiastic about McCain anyway and doubt his conservative credentials. It doesn't bother me. I can't pull off being a prude either.

Here is a poster promoting the event:

I would enjoy a lot of the music.

Here is another link to the event, for adults only, featuring the decadence of the event: Link
This link is provide to inform my readers and is not intended for any prurient interest.

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