Monday, June 16, 2008

Democrats Broken Promises on Gas Prices

Nancy, I thought you promised to bring down gas prices.

In 2006, in the lead up to the Congressional elections, Nancy Pelosi promised "a commonsense plan to bring down skyrocketing gas prices." At the time gas was $2.23 per gallon; now it is $4.00.

Many people are looking to find a culprit and are looking for a conspiracy. The primary cause of higher gas prices is due to an increased demand from developing countries, primarily China and India. However, if one wants someone to blame, the Democrats are the prime candidates. Democrats have blocked new American exploration, drilling and refineries for the last twenty years.

Nancy Pelosi is not such an idiot that she does not understand the cause of higher gas prices. Since, however, she promised "a commonsense plan to bring down skyrocketing gas prices," she should be held accountable. Nancy did you not promise to bring down gas prices?

This video was copied from youtube and was a production of rocketsfan34.

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  1. Gas prices are high everywhere, except Venezuela where the prices are subsidized by the Chavez government. We like to forget that the recent demonstrations in Burma began as protests against rising gasoline prices. Our media portray that story as one about democracy, but that's not where it started.

    The food crisis so frequently reported is mainly about increasing gasoline (and natural gas) prices. We tend to forget that natural gas and coal are primary feedstocks in the production of industrial grade nitrogen fertilizers. Biofuels will increase the demand there.

    Nancy Pelosi has a lot to answer for. Her Democrats were elected to get out of Iraq and make the president accountable in accordance with traditional constitutional checks and balances on executive power. They have, in fact, done the opposite.

    However, under the circumstances, the promise of lower gas prices has to be recognized as "pie in the sky."

  2. Economic populism such as promising lower gas prices is great politics, everyone loves you, people vote for you. Then you can't deliver, or if you can you can only deliver through disastrous policies. She should be praised for not doing something stupid like capping gas prices, subsidising gas or shlashing gas taxes! Not only would that have mortgaged the future to appease the present high gas prices have an upside. They have finally imposed a carbon tax upon the wasteful west, one that works, and isnt full of loopholes as it would have been had the politicians delivered it.
    The Undercover Centrist: Politics and that

  3. According to the hearing aired on C-span last week, we have plenty of already available oil fields that are not being utilized. It's time to hold ALL of the politicians accountable, not just one party or the other. Until we unite at a grassroots bipartisan level, we will not see this situation improve. We absolutely must become independent and self-sufficient as a nation.

  4. Many people around the world consider living within one's means to be a virtue.