Sunday, April 20, 2008

EU set to scrap biofuels target amid fears of food crisis

By Ian Traynor in Brussels
The Guardian, Saturday April 19 2008

The European commission is backing away from its insistence onimposing a compulsory 10% quota of biofuels in all petrol and dieselby 2020, a central plank of its programme to lead the world incombating climate change.

Amid a worsening global food crisis exacerbated, say experts andcritics, by the race to divert food or feed crops into biomass for the manufacture of vehicle fuel, and inundated by a flood of expert advice criticising the shift to renewable fuel, the commission appears to be getting cold feet about its biofuels target. Under the proposals, to be turned into law within a year, biofuels are to supply a tenth of all road vehicle fuel by 2020 as part of the drive to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by the same deadline. (link)

Comment: The EU is backing away from its biofuel policy, the UK is “reviewing” its policy and Germany recently announced a retreat from its biofuel policies. Is there an American leader willing to offend the feel-good environmentalist and mid-west corn growers and propose a repeal of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007? Will an American leader stand up for common sense and true environmental interest or will we continue down the ethanol-fueled road of environmental degradation, government mandated increases in global warming, and higher food prices for the hungry of the world ?

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  1. The U.S. definitely needs to do the same, but who knows what those guys will do.