Thursday, February 14, 2008

A reply to, "Am I Still a Conservative?"

No. You have moved to left. Please allow me to address some of the issues below.

Global Warming.
Global warming does exist. What does not exist is man-made global warming. One good volcano eruption release more of these nasty substances blamed for global warming than the internal combustion engine has since its invention. There is also global warming on Mars, you see. There are no SUV's or factories there. What's causing Mars to warm? The very same thing that is causing the Earth to warm. It's the Sun. However, global warming and cooling are cyclical. The warmest decade in the last century was the 1930's.

I have more than 4 pages of links regarding this. There are links to Saddam Hussein and 9/11, though the MSM does not discuss them. There are also links to Saddam Hussein and the Oklahoma City bombing. There are links to Al Qaeda and Oklahoma City as well. And there are links between Hussein and Al Qaeda. There were also WMD discovered in Iraq, as well as proof that much of them were spirited to Syria while we were fiddling around at the UN. I disagree with the way the war has been fought, but Saddam Hussein had to be stopped.

Welfare Reform
Please don't give Clinton any credit for this. He vetoed it twice. It was only when the Republicans in Congress had enough for a veto-override that Clinton signed it, and that is why he signed it.

Free Trade
You, of course, understand the difference between "free" and "fair"? That's one of the problems with NAFTA, CAFTA, etc., that while they're allegedly free, they place the US at a disadvantage. Another big problem with them is that they are the groundwork, the foundation, if you will, for the NAU. Both NAFTA and CAFTA also surrender a bit of national sovereignty, which is another problem. I believe vehemently in free trade if it's fair to the US, but I vehemently oppose NAFTA, CAFTA, LOST, the NAU and a host of other agreements the US has entered into because they surrender American sovereignty and I have a real problem with that.

Legal, okay. Not illegal. What you fail to see is that we no longer have a problem with illegal immigration; we have a problem with invasion. And, as we've discussed, disincentives will solve the problem. It's only common sense not to reward illegal behavior. And, the efforts to grant amnesty while leaving the borders open is all part of the NAU/globalism agenda.

I don't know how old you are, but when I was young, if you called someone "queer," which was the term de jour for homosexuals, you'd better be prepared to physically defend yourself as it was just about the worst thing you could call someone. It was also on the list of psychiatric problems.The same group who successfully had homosexuality removed, who worked to have it "normalized" is now trying to do the same thing with pedophilia. So, you see, it's a societal trend. One you'd have a greater understanding of if you read Karl Marx's manifesto.

Posted by"Anne" in a yahoo chat group.

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