Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Conspiracy Theory: John McCain’s Wife’s Illuminati Connection

I am intrigued by conspiracy theories. Could the moon landing have really been a hoax? What is really hidden at Roswell? Did Lyndon Johnson have Kennedy killed so he could be President? Is the reason we have a drug problem in the Black community because the CIA planned it? Did the Government blow up the dikes to cause the flooding in New Orleans?

I think that sometimes events seem so outrageous that it is hard to believe that they are just random occurrences and some people need explanations to give life meaning. Other people, like the 9/11 truthers and Holocaust deniers, are just “crazy as hell” if not simply evil.

I was a teen when JFK was shot and for a while I devoured the JFK assassination conspiracy books. Then during the Goldwater campaign of 1964 I became a politically aware teenager and I read the book None Dare Call it Treason. The thesis of the book was that the foreign policy blunders that weakened the US in the Cold War, such as the loss of China, were not mere blunders but were betrayals by Communist and their fellow travelers within our own government. I am not sure how much of what was in that book was true and how much was speculation and conjecture, but I was influenced by that book as well as the JFK assassination books. Later I learned that there is a step beyond this level of conspiracy theory that ties all of history into a nice bundle.

As a young conservative in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I naturally became acquainted with the John Birch society. They are still around, but were much more influential during the fifties and sixties and seventies. Much of the analysis and material they produced appeared to be mainstream, quality, anti-Communist and conservative analysis. However, as I began to know some John Birchers, and read more of their material, it became clear that the Birchers were nuts. It was from the Birchers I first learned of the “big explanation” that explains everything.

One of the Birchers most popular books, was an attempt to benefit from the popularity of the None Dare Call it Treason book. This book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, laid out the “big” picture and explained what was really happening in the world. These many years later, I am not certain that all I know about the big conspiracy was in the None Call it Conspiracy book or from other sources but the big conspiracy goes something like this: About the time of the enlightenment, an organization called the Illuminati was formed to manage the evolving chaos taking place in the world. The old order was passing away and democracy and other enlightenment ideals were flourishing. The Illuminati were an elite of enlightenment thinkers who wanted an orderly universe and did not want to loose power. They could not necessarily stop events from happening but they could shape them. The Illuminati evolved overtime to this loose collection of people who are now called “the insiders”.

The insiders are the ones controlling events and they span the globe. In America, Democrat or Republican it does not matter, the Insiders control both parties. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, The American Civil War, World War I, and World War II and other conflicts were all plots to manipulate the world. These events did not just happen, the insiders either allowed them to happen or caused them to happen. The insiders were not Communist, but they financed Communism and exerted authority over the Communist leaders who were their puppets and they allowed Communism to achieve success.

Some of the most famous insiders are the Bilderbergs, the Rothchilds, and the Rockefellers. The biggest current insider organizations are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission. Also, the United Nations is a useful tool of the insiders. “The New World Order” is the plan of the insiders to reorganized the way the world functions.

Variations of the big conspiracy theory include the roll of the Catholic Church and Masons. Read much of this conspiracy stuff and you realize that radical right and radical left merge in the world of conspiracy nuts. Both share a lot of the same conspiracies. The right-wing kooks are actually often at odds with a lot of conservative principles. They are generally against free trade and rant a lot about “international bankers” and “Globalist”.

I recently came across this bit of information that is floating around the Internet and thought you might find it entertaining. It seems that Hillary Clinton has been wearing a gold lapel pin that features an Eagle clutching a single pearl. Also, more and more women in the Clinton circle have been wearing the same pin. According to the conspiracist, this is really an Illuminati emblem and Hillary and all of these Hillary women are brazenly wearing it.

Well recently, [OK, now for scary part: if you know it, imagine the Twilight Zone theme music (do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do). Ready?], John McCain’s wife has been seen wearing the same pin. (To read all about it: Senator John McCain Signals… )

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  1. I really feel sorry for sheeple like you. You've had this information at your fingertips since your teen years and all you can do is scoff to cover your cowardice. That's right, you're either a coward, a moron or "in on it," there's no fourth choice... Oops, I forgot: you could be all three.

  2. Right-wing apologist scum.

  3. The vast majority of "nutso" truthers want nothing more than a decent explanation of the events that allowed over 3000 of our people to die. If you've read the 9/11 Commission Report you know it is nothing but half truths and misinformation.
    Most of us don't have a particular blame to place, we just don't believe the official story. (How did a wallet survive the fire that supposedly burned hot enough to melt steel? Was it a titanium wallet? Why did Tower 7 fall when it wasn't even hit with a plane? No tower in the history of the world had fallen due to fire damage until three did in one day. Why were there reports of explosions in the basement? Why were there false-flage operations run on the same day, in much the same way, to the point that air traffic control had to ask if what was happening was real world or exercise? Why were the planes allowed to fly around off course for hours when we've grounded planes off course in minutes before? These are just some of the questions we "nutjob" truthers have. If you have some answers, I would love to hear them.

  4. It's uncalled for to equate 9/11 truthers with holocaust deniers. Perhaps if the 9/11 truth movement sought to conceal the reality of the tragedy, there would be a basis of comaprison, but no. The 9/11 truth movement is seeking answers to all of the questions the government does not think we have the right to know. In addition, the movement includes in its fold widows and widowers, friends and family members simply seeking closure to a terrible ordeal. Do you seriously think it's evil to want to be able to explain to your children why their mommy or daddy is no longer with them? Do you really think they are crazy for wanting the facts on how their loved ones died? Do you think I'm evil or crazy for wanting to know the truth?

  5. Dicopunk, What I said was "Other people, like the 9/11 truthers and Holocaust deniers, are just “crazy as hell” if not simply evil." I tend to think that the 911 truthers are "crazy as hell", but some of them could be evil and some of the holocaust deniers may not be evil, but simply crazy as hell. It a person thinks that 911 was an inside job involving a massive conspriracy of those at the highest level of our own government, and that the buildings were destroyed by planted explosives, and that planes did not really fly into building but what we saw was a hoax using holograms, I think that qualifies that person as crasy as hell. If one doesn't really believe that, but simply hates Bush and/or our county so much that they want to spread such terrible lies, I think it makes them evil.

  6. Rod, seriously, you need to analyse carefully why there's a huge number of people who really believe 9/11 was an inside job. I'm from the UK, and a lot of people I work with or friends either reject what the US government said, or at least think there is something very wrong with the US's explanation of the events.
    Those that believe it was bin laden or muslims behind this are called crazy people who likely get their news for Sky or Fox.

  7. Unfortunately, the Disgruntled Republican in Nashville is correct and not crazy as hell! I believed and was so naive. This gentleman wrote his misgivings of the ugly conspiracies of our nation. In 2008 - 2015, I believed our country could do no wrong. It is true the USA can do no wrong; however, it is the corrupt evil satanic creatures that entered the government and I am so sick and ashamed of them. Do your research and you will find he is correct. What do we do? I pray please that our Lord God Almighty will give the United States of America another chance with the new President-Elect, Mr. Donald Trump. In Truth, Join Jesus, maria elena theresa bozich rodriguez friskel