Tuesday, December 04, 2007

O Frabjous Day! Nuke Iran? World War III? Oops, Nevermind….

By Don Williams

Add another reason to be grateful in the post-911, post-Thanksgiving world. Turns out our intelligence regarding Iran was wrong and—guess what—Iran has no nuclear weapons program to speak of. Said program was suspended in 2003, according to the latest National Intelligence Estimate. That’s the estimate provided by all the nation’s intelligence agencies combined. (Read about it here in the New York Times.) Yes, it’s scandalous, stupid, inexcusable and… heavenly to learn that the Bush administration would change course and ease up on the saber-rattling. (To Continue: O Frabjous Day!)

My Commentary

Hallelujah! I have been fearful that any day we may wake up to news that the U. S. has bombed Iran. I could hardly believe the report yesterday when the National Intelligence Council announced that Iran had essentially discontinued its nuclear weapons program in 2003. In a recent post on this blog I had expressed my distrust of the Bush Administration but also worried that their is always the possibility that Bush could be right. (See Bush Might be Right)

In this article my liberal brother, the award-winning columnist Don Williams rejoices in this development and speculates on its meaning. While I may express myself in a slightly different tone of voice, I think he is essentially correct is his assessment and I share his relief and joy at this turn of events.

Don speculates on why this development occurred and I find his speculations plausible. I would like to add one more: Maybe the loyal and professional people in the intelligence community who were manipulated into cooking the intelligence books to take us to war in Iraq, refused to let it happen again and decided to cut the President off at the pass by giving an honest assessment before it was too late.

This event does not mean that Iran is still not a renegade country and a potential future nuclear threat, but any rationale for a war with Iran has been removed and the next President can deal with Iran. We can sleep easier tonight.

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1 comment:

  1. Do you actually belieive this report? I was reading the Jerusalem Post this morning and the Israelis definetely don't. Even more important, what do you think Mahmoud will be doing with his baked yellow cake, which, even that political hatchet piece of a report makes clear is still happening. Mahmoud is continuing to threaten Israel, and the Iranians continue to arm, fianance, and support Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. The media is trying to portray this report as though "only the US" intelligence was suggesting Iran was going nuclear. The Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, has reached conclusions much different than this divided mess of a country has. Iran is not a peace seeking country and I hope the left-wing kooks and isolationist right-wingers remember that.
    C.H. aka militant omnitheist